Ante Post Betting

ante-post-imgIt’s easy to wake up in the morning and start thinking of the winners you’re going to get later that day. Not all betting has to be about today, Ante Post Betting is a risky way of gambling but also a great way of getting good wins on events that might not even take place until the following year.

What is Ante Post Betting?

Not every bet gets placed on an imminent or even live event. There are plenty of markets available on events that take place in the distant future. It could be on next year’s World Darts Championship or who’s going to win next year’s Derby. Perhaps even the next World Cup even though it’s a couple of years away. All sites have a great range of Ante Post odds available and they can get you some great odds, you just have to be rather patient in waiting to get your hands on any winnings.

Placing an Ante Post Bet

It’s really easy to place this kind of bet especially online. Bookmakers site will have special sections for each sport. These mainly concentrate on the upcoming events but there will also be some markets for future events. Simply make your selection and start following it over the months or even years ahead.

Which Sports Can You Bet On?

You can place Ante Post bets on almost every sport out there. Each sport will have some major event and bookmakers will be only too keen to put Ante Post odds up on those events.

It could be the next big snooker event, perhaps the Masters and definitely the World Championships. As soon as one World title is won, odds on the following year’s event will be available. So if you really fancy a player to do well next season then you could find yourself getting hold of some really good odds.

In golf there will be Ante Post odds available on all the Majors, same goes for the Grand Slams in tennis. You can get Ante Post odds on the next Ashes series between England and Australia, even if it’s a couple of years away. In boxing you can take Ante Post odds on the big fight that’s months away and even bet on who’s going to win the WWE Royal Rumble long before it’s due to take place.

Ante Post Football Betting

There are always plenty of Ante Post Betting odds available for football. The World Cup might be a few years in the future but you’ll always be able to find odds on who’s going to win. So if you fancy England to win the next World Cup, you can make that bet whenever you want and the bookies will probably be delighted when you do.

On the domestic front there are always odds available on the Premier League and all the other major leagues/cup competitions. If you fancy that your team might just do well next season, then off you go to make that bet. Those who did that for Leicester City winning the title would have been delighted.

Again it’s a hazardous bet to place. What if you go for Aguero to be top-scorer in the Premier League and then he gets injured the next week. It’s the gamble you have to take with this kind of betting.

Ante Post Horse Racing

One common form of Ante Post Betting is in horse racing. There are always plenty of odds available on major horse races such as the Grand National, the Cheltenham Gold Cup or The Derby.

Flat racing in particular is full of Ante Post Betting. As soon as a two-year-old horse starts getting well known, sometimes even before stepping foot on an actual race track, Ante Post odds are available for races such as the 1000 and 2000 Guineas. Those races won’t even be run until the following year but there’s the scope here to make some excellent profits.

If you do really fancy the chances of a two-year-old horse becoming a Classics superstar the following year, you may well get a very good price. It’s possible you can could get 20/1 on your selection and then watch it win a major two-year-old race and then a Classics trial the following year and the odds will plummet. Of course it’s a very risky business. Some horses show plenty of promise as a two-year-old and then don’t train on and are disappointing the following year.

Once the 1000 and 2000 Guineas take place, the focus moves onto the Oaks and the Derby and that two-year-old you backed the previous year may well now be the favourite to win one of those races and that betting slip of yours will be looking more and more attractive by the minute.

It’s the same with races such as the Grand National and the Cheltenham Cup. You can place an Ante Post bet long before the race. As soon as one year’s race ends, betting starts for the next one. Your selection again will see its odds fluctuate throughout the season as important races take place where they may put in promising performances or disappointing ones.

Ante Post betting has its perils though. You just never know what’s going to happen. Horses can easily get injured and be pulled out of the race you’ve backed it to take part in.

There are some bookmakers who do offer money back if your selection is a non-runner. It’s a competitive market out there but this isn’t likely to be offered until very close to the date of the race.


It’s also possible to bet on television talent shows such as ‘The X-Factor’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ Particularly with the latter because as soon as the contestants are confirmed, Ante Post odds will be available. Same goes for ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.’ Then you can cheer your chosen competitor on as the series progresses and that hunch you had might just make you a good profit.

Cash Out

It used to be that when you made a bet of this nature, you simply had to wait for the event to be over before any payment could be made. Now there’s Cash Out available on bets. If your team is top of the table but you really don’t believe they’ll hang on and win the title it’s possible you could cash out your bet and still make a profit.

Ante Post Bet Considerations

You might need to invest in a crystal ball when placing an Ante Post Bet. There are so many factors that can happen to either boost or scupper your bet. It really is a difficult form of betting.

Take horse racing for example and the bet you might want to place on your selection winning the Derby next year. Everything may be going well and those odds you took are way higher than what they are months later. Then it comes to the day of the big race and after some downpours the going at Epsom is soft and your selection hates that surface.

You can bet on a team to win the FA Cup and have great odds. Then the week of the final they get an horrendous injury crisis and end up losing. Your snooker player might get ill or hurt his neck. There are so many factors that can go wrong in this form of betting. Unless you have that crystal ball then this is always going to be difficult.

If placing an Ante Post Bet on football, particularly club football, look at the various hazards that could occur. Has your selection got players who can cause unrest in the camp? How much money have they got to spend on players and will other teams be able to go out and buy better players? Might that great manager they have be tempted to leave for another club?

Looking at form is important too. There are some players who seem to peak at certain times of the year. Some do well in golf tournaments in the early part of the season. Some snooker players do well in the smaller tournaments but never win the World title. There are horses that run best when fresh and others that need a few runs before hitting peak form.

One problem with Ante Post Betting is that it ties up capital. If the event doesn’t take place until the next year, can you really afford to have that money lying dormant?


Ante Post betting is a fascinating form of betting. You can place a bet a year before the event takes place and then follow it with interest throughout the year. Slightly better than betting on that 100m race this evening. You can get a great run for your money with these bets and experience the highs and lows. Just accept the risks that are involved that’s the most important thing.