Random Number Generators

randomWhen it comes to playing games online, you want to know that the payouts are fair – it’s only right. All online gambling websites ensure that the outcomes of any win are randomly selected. I’ve heard so many times people claiming that the payouts are ‘fixed’ so you lose, but that certainly isn’t the case.

All licensed and regulated sites ensure the outcomes are random and fair and have no say in how you win, when you’ll win or even if you’ll win.

One of the first things you can do before you decide to play online is to look at the site itself. If it is an online gambling site that accepts UK players, then it should have a UK Gambling Commission License – if it doesn’t, it’s not legit – meaning systems won’t be fair or random and certainly not secure.

What Are Random Number Generators?

A random number generator (also known as RNG) is a digital software system that has been designed to throw out a sequence of symbols or numbers. This system is designed so that when the numbers or symbols are produced, you cannot predict the result – it’s only produced via a random chance. Basically, it’s the brains behind the machine that stops in a random position in every click.

An RNG is always used to determine the outcome of games, this means every roll of a dice, every flip or a card, spin of the reels or spin of the wheel, each outcome is random and produced by the RNG. Theses RNG systems have been rigorously tested, in millions and millions of rounds and then the results are examined to prove they are random.

When you play at online sites that supply games from third-parties (not their own exclusive games), a number of additional procedures are undertaken, this means that not only the site you are playing at has a fair system, but the company who owns the game will have their own testing procedures.

How Do Random Number Generators Work?

This is where things get complicated, the random number generator starts with a number or symbol known as the ‘seed number’, it then uses a complicated algorithm to produce a new random number or symbol based on the seed.

The new number that’s generated will become the next seed and then the process begins all over again – the next number or symbol becomes the seed, etc. This system keeps going and going and has no fixed end to it, because of this there is absolutely no way you can predict what the next number or symbol will be based on the previous one.

Are RNG’s Reliable?

Each set of numbers or symbols produced is not exactly random (by the definition of random), as the next set is based on the previous seed number or symbol.  All of these numbers and symbols are kept hidden behind firewalls, encryption technology and so much more – like a huge vault that’s guarded by dynamite and vicious dogs, just as an example.

Some people suggest that the companies who run this software can rig the RNG or use other software to alter the outcomes in their favour. The only way you can claim that the RNG is fair and random is via third party auditing.  This is exactly what does happen for licenced casinos and games.

The companies who operate the RNG are fair and to ensure you are playing at an online gaming site that is using the RNG as it should you can search for top online gaming sites that have passed the third-party auditing and testing.


Approved sites will hold the eCOGRA seal or approval stamp. eCOGRA are independent auditors that test out the random number generator within the gaming site, they also check the payout percentages on a monthly basis to ensure results are fair and random.

Once eCOGRA have carried out their checks and are happy, they issue the site with a certificate indicating that the games are legit, money is safe with that site and to prove the company is trustworthy. If you don’t see the stamp, be wary.

Game Types Where RNG’s Are Used

Online casino

Whether you’re playing table games such as roulette or card games, an RNG is always used. Some people would favour seeing a live dealer produce the results, but no matter how you play your online casino games, the outcomes are fair and random at all times.

Online slots

Spinning those reels happens in split seconds, meaning that nobody could ever predict the outcome that will come onto the reels. The results are random and people do win.

Online bingo

I play online bingo quite regularly and the amount of times I’ve seen comments in the chat feature about the same winners winning and the system is rigged is unbelievable – almost on a daily basis I see this.

Online bingo sites in the UK are heavily regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and these sites are among the most trusted and reputable in the world. The powers that be that oversee these online bingo sites have one priority and that is to ensure that they play fair.

Random number generators are used at all times and you can read all about it on the online bingo sites you visit. If online bingo sites didn’t play fair, it would have repercussions throughout the world and players would turn away in their droves.

Live Casino – Alternative to RNG’s

Many players prefer to play against a live dealer in live casino games because they can see the real dealer dealing the card or spinning the ball – no software being used to reveal the outcome.