Both Teams to Score

bttsSometimes it’s hard to work out who’s going to win the big match. There are a number of bets though where you don’t have to select the overall winner. One such bet is ‘Both Teams To Score.’ You’re given the options ‘yes’ or ‘no’ so it’s a bet that has nothing whatsoever to do with win-lose-draw.

So just what is a ‘Both Teams To Score’ bet? Well for once in what can sometimes be the confusing world of gambling, this bet is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s most commonly found in football betting but can also be seen in other sports such as ice-hockey. Your simple task is bet on the question ‘will both teams score?’  If you go for ‘yes’ then your bet wins if both sides score, that means your bet could be won within minutes of the game starting. Alternatively you could answer ‘no’ so if only one or neither of the teams score then again you’re a winner.

One of the advantages of this kind of bet is that it could go retain your interest right down to the last kick of the game. Say you have a bet on Liverpool playing Swansea City and it’s 4-0 to the Reds deep into second half injury time. If your bet was on both teams to score you’d still have interest in the game because if Swansea get that late goal then it means little to them but everything to you as your bet comes up.

How often do Both Teams Score

There are plenty of statistics available online that give you information on which teams to follow when it comes to betting on whether both teams will score or not. Figures show that for most teams around the world 40-50% of their games will see both teams score.

Last season Chelsea certainly proved profitable to bet when playing at home. Not to win but for both teams to score. At one stage in the season there were eight consecutive home league games where both sides managed to score. In fact 10 of the last 11 home league games would have seen your ‘Both Teams To Score’ bet be a winner.

In the 2015/16 Premier League 25 out of 38 league games played by West Ham saw both teams score, just one ahead of Chelsea. Ten out of 20 teams in the division played at least 20 games in which both teams scored. The lowest figure was for Manchester United thanks to all those bore draws passing the ball sideways. Even so 14 of their 38 games saw both teams score.

Ten teams in La Liga played at least 20 games where both teams found the back of the net and in the English Championship 16 out of 24 teams saw both teams score in at least half their games with a massive 72% figure for Fulham. The lowest percentage was 35% by champions Middlesbrough who only had six home games out of 23 with both teams scoring.

How to bet on Both Teams to Score

Gone are the days when placing a bet used to be restricted to win-lose-draw. Now there are over 100 different types of bets that can be placed on a game. One of these is the Both Teams To Score bet. Simply select that option whether you are in a bookmakers shop or online. There are some variations on this bet.

You can either go for both teams to score or the exact opposite and just one of the teams, or neither of them scoring. You can go for higher odds by selecting a bet on a team to win and both teams to score, that can be really profitable but this time you do need to get the end result right as well hence the higher odds

Major Offers and coupons available

The Both Teams To Score bet has become really popular in recent years. Now bookmakers dedicate whole coupons to it. Betfred for example have their Goals Galore coupon. This is a fixed odds coupon that has boosted odds for their Bonus and Long List coupons. It’s all about both teams scoring in the game and there are some decent odds available if you can get make three successful selections. It’s a bet that will have you on the edge of your seat especially when you get down to just one selection left to be a winner.

Both Teams to Score Betting Strategy

If you’re going to be betting on both teams to score then you do need to carry out a bit of research. The odds on this bet are never going to be large and can at times be really short. With the short priced odds it’s best to use a coupon and make a few selections.

So what do you need to be looking at in terms of strategy?  If your aim is to place a bet on both teams to score then you need to be looking at their recent results. This isn’t a bet that is all about teams scoring goals because it’s important that you consider the defensive qualities of the teams playing.

Say you want to place a bet on a home game for Manchester City against Liverpool. You need to take a look at the form that both the sides are in. Wins and losses aren’t the most important aspect here because remember this bet isn’t about who’ll be victorious or defeated at the end of the game. You need to look at whether Manchester City have been scoring consistently at home (they only failed to score in two home league games last season) but are they conceding too?

In the 2016/17 season that was definitely the case with both teams scoring in eight consecutive league games at one stage in the season. Putting a bet on both teams to score would be a good strategy then, especially as even teams like Bournemouth, Sunderland and Swansea City had found some way of scoring against them. If the records show that City had been keeping a number of clean sheets then a bet on both teams to score might not be advisable.

Then you have to look at how Liverpool have been getting on. Are they in good form and scoring on a consistent basis? What’s their away record like? Do they score regularly on the road and concede too?  The information you discover will help you work out whether to go for the both teams to score bet. Just remember this is a bet that is dependent on both teams. One may well be shipping goals on a regular basis but if their opponents couldn’t score from two yards then a bet on  both teams to score might not be a good idea.

If your decision is to answer no for both teams to score, you again need to look at current form. Teams that are struggling for goals are definitely heading you towards that choice but are they also keeping clean sheets?  Matches between teams that are scoring lots of goals and have poor defensive records definitely shouldn’t have you going anywhere near betting on both teams failing to find the back of the net.

Common Rules and Terms

It may look a simple bet but there are some rules you need to consider. If a game is abandoned then that is void, if you’ve put a bet on that includes a number of games, the remaining games that weren’t abandoned are the only valid ones. It’d just my luck that both teams score in a game and then the floodlights go out!

With fixed odds coupons, for example, 9/2 for three correct selections, if one becomes invalid then this affects the odds for the bet. It could be 6/4 if your bet suddenly becomes a double and if two games get abandoned then you’d be left with just a single and odds could be as short as 4/7.

Remember that all bets are settled over 90 minutes (plus injury time). If it’s a European tie for example and a side wins 1-0 in 90 minutes causing extra time, your bet on both teams to score is lost so whatever happens in extra time is of no consequence whatsoever.


This has become one of the most popular bets in recent years. No need to tell the bookies who you think will win the match (unless really going for it and placing a bet on ‘winner and both teams to score). Just decide whether both teams will score or not and hopefully count the profits. As is always the case with coupons, don’t go for too many games. The odds only keep getting higher because the chances of you winning are getting smaller.