Scorecast and Wincast Betting

scorecastAs the betting industry continues to expand, there are more and more new bets being created. Scorecast and Wincast are two such examples and although not easy to get wins out of, it can be really lucrative when you do land one.

These bets have become particularly popular as a way of getting higher priced markets on typical football matches, but are they really worth it?

What is a Scorecast bet?

With this bet you really do have to be on the ball to get a return. There are two major tasks on your hands here. Firstly you have to correctly select the first goalscorer and that’s a bit of a job to get right in the first place.

If you choose a player who’s way down the list, say a defender, then they could be available at 20/1 or even higher. Look out for those defenders who are handy at scoring from corners or have been known to score from distance. It can happen though so it’s worth a small bet.

It’s more likely that you wiill go for one of the favourites, for example Ronaldo, Messi or Aguero who are more than likely to score. Odds for this kind of bet can be really large so if your luck is in you’ll really be celebrating. Even though top players are more likely to score, whether or not they will get the first goal isn’t quite so certain. You can see why this isn’t an easy bet and we’ve not even looked at the other half of it yet.

Do a bit of research with this bet. Look at who’s been scoring goals on a regular basis and could well hit the back of the net again in your chosen match. Going for a player who research shows hasn’t scored for ages might not be a good idea however much you tell yourself ‘well he must be due a goal soon.’

Scorecast Rules

Remember with a bet like this own goals don’t count. So if a player makes a right mess of it and banging it into the back of his own net for the first goal of the game, that’s bad news for them but good news for you as the first goalscorer part of your bet is still intact. Also remember that only 90 minutes play counts, anything that happens in extra-time isn’t going to count when it comes to settling the bet.

With first goalscorer odds being pretty decent then it’s possible to go for more than one selection as part of this bet. You can do that and still be assured of getting a profit if your bet comes in, so have a few goes at this if you wish.

Ok so you’ve been lucky enough to correctly predict the first goalscorer. You’re halfway to seeing your bet come up but there’s still a lot of hard work and biting of those nails to come.

To complete your winning bet you now have to get the correct score (90 minutes remember). Now that’s not an easy task by itself, let alone combining it with the correct first goalscorer.  Again you need to do some research on the teams that are playing. Look at their recent form, who’s been playing well and who hasn’t. Have they been scoring lots of goals and keeping clean sheets or not scoring and letting in goals aplenty.

With so many obscure games with odds available – you know those games in Australia that kick off at about 4am – have a look through the statistics pages found on many online sites and look up the current form. It really can pay off and prevent costly mistakes being made like selecting teams to win who haven’t won for a while despite being favourites.

This really is a difficult bet and with the high odds available it’s recommended to place small stakes. With it being the first goalscorer you have to get right, that means the bet could be over very quickly. All it takes is an early goal by another player and that’s it.

What is a Wincast bet?

With this bet you again have two bets in one, both that need to come up for you to get a win. It is similar to the Scorecast bet but here you need to correctly choose a player who will score first in the match and who’s going to win the game rather than the correct score.  You can also choose a player to score at any point, this is known as the Anytime Wincast.

For example, if it’s England v Scotland, you can choose to go for Harry Kane to score a goal and England to win the match. This is a bit easier than the Scorecast bet and the odds won’t be as high.

At least with this bet it won’t be a case of your player having to score the first goal of the match (own goals excluded of course). They can score at anytime in the game (90 minutes only of course) and that means that half of your bet is in the bag.

Once that happens you just have to hope you’ve managed to correctly get the result of the game right. It’s a bet that will retain your interest in the game throughout. That’s unlike the Scorecast when the bet on first goalscorer could go down inside the first minute.

Again this is a bet that’s not easy to get right but is definitely worth it when it does come up. Going for a Ronaldo or Messi to score anytime and their team win won’t make you a millionaire though. Probably best to go for a player a little bit further down the betting market when it comes to the anytime goalscorer.

If you’re going for the underdogs to win the game then that’s when it’s an idea to go for the most likely goalscorer for them. The higher odds on the win part of the bet will help get you some decent odds here but it’s a risky route to take so good luck with that one.

Do some research again here if you want to increase your chances of being successful. The form book can go out the window but it can also greatly boost your knowledge of the game you’re betting on.

Placing Your Bet

When you go to place your scorecast bet, the first task is to use the drop-down box to choose your player. Have a look at the goalscorer betting market to see just what the odds are for your selection. Once you’ve sorted out your player, now either go for the correct score you  believe will happen or the team you think will win the match. With the Wincast bet it’s simply your task to choose the scorer and then the result of the match. Then just sit back and hope for the best.

Money Back Specials

Giving stakes back as a free bet is a popular part of many online sportsbooks. That might lead to you using that returned stake to get you a good win with your free bet, then again it might go on a losing bet but at least you’re given a chance.

Many bookies offer moneyback offers aplenty and they can include wincast and scorecast bets. For example, it may be an offer where if a certain player scores the first goal then all losing wincast bets are refunded as a free bet.


Two bets that aren’t at all easy to get wins from. Individually getting bets like first goalscorer, the winner of a game and the correct score aren’t easy tasks, so combining them is even harder. That’s why the odds are attractive so a bit of research, form going to plan and luck of course could get you some very healthy wins.