Is Online Bingo The Same As Online Casino?

If you’re the sort of person that enjoys having a flutter online then there are all sorts of options available to you. From poker to the lottery, casino games to virtual racing, there’s almost nothing that you won’t be able to do via the internet if you don’t mind having numerous accounts with different providers. One question that you might want to know the answer to is whether or not you need to join an online casino site if all you want to do is play bingo.

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world because if its simplicity and the non-stop excitement of the game. Unlike with plenty of other long-form games that can be played in a casino or with numerous people, you’re still involved in a game of bingo right up until its end. Consequently it tends to attract an audience that might not otherwise engage in such things, meaning some of you might have a fair amount of questions that you will hopefully find some answers to on this page.

Do You Need To Join A Casino To Play Bingo?

The simple answer to the question of whether or not you need to join an online casino in order to play bingo over the internet is ‘no’. As with most things, however, there’s a more complicated answer that accompanies that one. There are a host of companies that specialise in nothing but bingo, so you can obviously join them and you’ll never have to look at anything other a bingo ball again.

Plenty of online casinos offer bingo as a game that you can play through their sites, however, so if you want to have a varied selection of bingo games to play then you might need to bite the bullet and sign up. If you’re keen to play games other than bingo then this is obviously ideal, mainly because you’ll only have to have one account but through it you’ll be able to get involved in everything from three-card poker to slot machine-style games.

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What’s The Between Bingo and Casino?

Types Of Games

Some bingo companies will give you the chance to play side games, to have a go on slot machines or even to engage in card or table games like you’d be able to play in a casino. You don’t have to do that, though, and they normally make those options quite subtle rather than ramming them down your throat, metaphorically speaking. Instead they simply present you with scores of different types of bingo games, from 40 ball to 90 ball variations, and you can choose that ones that suit you.

Online casinos, meanwhile, as like a Jack-Of-All-Trades. They will have countless different types of games that they’ll be trying to entice you into playing, so you’ll normally see adverts for them all over the website. The handy thing is that they often split them up into sections, so if you’re there to play bingo then you won’t need to worry about roulette, blackjack or similar casino games invading your screen’s real estate – unless you click on the tab to play them, of course. The best way to think about is that bingo companies are specialists whilst online casinos are more generalised.

Bingo Is Seen As More Friendly

Whether you’re having a go on a 90-ball bingo game or are putting the same amount of money into a slot machine the reality is that you’re still gambling. Reality isn’t always as important as perception, however, so it’s reasonable to point out that bingo will forever be seen as a more family friendly take on betting than the majority of casino games.

After all, you can well imagine the local church putting on a night of bingo but it’s far less likely to host a casino evening!

Online Bingo Is More Sociable

The interesting thing about bingo and casinos online and in real-life is that they’re complete opposites when it comes to socialisation. Pop into a bingo hall on a Thursday night and try to have a chat with the person next to you and you’ll likely be greeted by an angry stare and a demand to be quiet. Online it’s so much different, with the social aspect of the game a huge part of why people enjoy it. There are regular chats taking place, with camaraderie common to the extent that bingo chat has its own lingo (“1TG!”)

Go to a physical casino in an evening and you’ll likely strike up a conversation in no time at all, whether you’re sat next to someone at the blackjack table to or reaching past them to place your bet as the roulette wheel spins. Online that kind of interplay is far more difficult to come by, for quite obvious reasons. People tend to use online casinos precisely because they don’t want to have to talk to anyone; even the interaction at Live Casino games is a bit forced and not true to life.


The truth is that both bingo and casino games are virtual experiences with fixed payouts that are decided in advance by software companies providing their wares to the online casinos and bingo companies that use them. In many ways the experience of playing bingo online and using an online casino are similar to each other, thanks in no small part to the fact that you wager money and have a chance of winning some in return.

Yet when you dig a little bit deeper you’ll find that you’re talking about two different approaches to a similar outcome. Bingo companies know that the community spirit they engender is a big part of the reason why customers return again and again to use the same site, so they accommodate that as best they can. You don’t have to engage in an online chat, obviously, but most people do and the community is richer for it. Online casinos, meanwhile, accept that their users are more likely to be focussed on the task at hand and so they remove any distractions accordingly.