First, Last and Anytime Goalscorer

goalscorerThere are many bets that aren’t going to come in unless you correctly select the right result. That’s not the case with goalscorer bets though. Simply choose your player(s) and the type of goalscorer bet you want and just hope they find the back of the net, the end result simply doesn’t matter.

There’s a variety of bets available to you when it comes to goalscorers. There’s the first goalscorer bet of course but also now you can try your luck on last goalscorer, anytime scorer and no goalscorer. Let’s take a look at each of these bets.

Common Goalscorer Rules

Before we go any further it’s important to take a look at a few basic rules re goalscorer bets. The first one you need to learn is that own goals don’t count. So if you have a bet on Olivier Giroud to score first and the opening goal in the match sees a player put the ball through his own net, don’t worry your bet is still alive.

The second important rule is that just like with a lot of bets, only the regular 90 minutes play counts. This means your chosen player can score the first goal and you could still be a loser. If the 90 minutes play hasn’t produced a first goal scorer (there could be some goals but via the own goal route which doesn’t count) and the game goes into extra time then your bet has gone down.

Also check the rules regarding substitutes. For example, you place a bet on Adam Lallana to be first goal scorer. But he starts the match on the bench and doesn’t get on the pitch until the first goal has already been scored or doesn’t get on the field of play at all. There are some differing rules on this so check your bookies terms and conditions. Generally though you may get your stake back.

First Goalscorer

 So basically with this bet we’re looking to successfully choose the first goalscorer (excluding own goals) in the regular 90 minutes play. There are some decent odds available in this kind of bet. That’s definitely the case in games between two well-matched sides and where there’s no prolific goalscorer. This can lead to a very open market.

If you fancy a defender to score the first goal then the odds are likely to be extremely attractive. Look out for those defenders who have a habit of coming up for a corner and heading the ball into the net, John Terry for example.

Rather than taking a chance of that happening, you could always go down the rather predictable route. Go for the top goalscorer in the side favourites to win, you might not get the best of odds but even the most prolific goalscorers might be around the 2/1 mark at least.

The first goalscorer bet isn’t an easy one though. The best player in the world might be your selection and he may well go on and score a hat-trick. He’ll get all the glory but if it was another player who just happened to score the first goal, then you’ll be on a loser.

It’s also likely that you’ll go for the favourites to score the first goal.  There have been many games though where the favourites have had convincing wins but just happened to have gone 1-0 down early on in the game. Any bet you had on the favourites re first goalscorer won’t win you anything (unless that first goal just happened to be an own goal remember). It’s an idea then to have a saver bet on a player from the other team just in case they do take that surprise lead.

With this type of bet it’s also possible to make more than one selection for first goalscorer. Do a bit of research when placing this bet. For example, have a look at who takes penalties for each side.

There’s another big problem with the first goalscorer bet and that is it may not give you much of a run for your money. A goal could be scored in the opening minute and your bet may be dead in the water right away. If you’re looking for a bet that will last the whole game then go down the anytime, last or no goalscorer routes. Time therefore to discuss those bets.

Anytime Goalscorer

It says ‘anytime’ but remember extra time doesn’t count. With this bet it doesn’t matter who scores the first goal as long as your selection finds the back of the net sometime in the regular 90 minutes.

With it being an anytime scorer bet it means your bet will be alive from the first kick of the game to the last one. No chance therefore of your bet ending rather quickly as can be the case with the first goalscorer bet. With the requirement not being restricted to the first goal, the odds available are smaller for the anytime goalscorer. Again though there are some good odds available in this market.

Last Goalscorer

Another bet that has slightly reduced odds but will keep you interested for the whole game. There might have been six goals scored in the game but there might still be time for another one. It’s a tense bet is the last goalscorer selection. You may well be on a winner with your selection scoring the most recent goal but you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat hoping another player doesn’t score and ruin your bet. If that does happen the tension continues as you’ll be praying for your selection to hit another goal.

No Goalscorer

Now you might be thinking why do you need to go for this bet, why not just bet on a 0-0 score. Well, remember that own goals don’t count, so the game may finish 1-0, 2-0 or whatever, if the goals scored were all own goals then the actual result as far as bookmakers would be concerned is that there was no goalscorer.

You can get some decent odds for this bet. It all depends on the overall odds of the two teams playing the match. If there is an overwhelming favourite then the chances of the game ending without a goalscorer will be slim and that will be reflected by some high odds for no goalscorer. If it’s a closely fought game between two sides struggling for goals then the chances of the game ending with no goalscorer won’t be anywhere near so high.

Each Way Goalscorer Betting

 It’s also possible to have an each-way bet on a goalscorer. There are of course reduced odds for this bet but a win is a win isn’t it? Here you can get a return if your selection scores either the first, second or third goal in the game. It’s just like other each-way bets, half your stake goes on your selection to score the first goal, the other half is on him being one of the first three goalscorers.

If your selection is the first to score a goal then all your bet is a winner. However, if someone else gets that first goal, all is not lost. If they score the second or third goal you’re still on a winner but the win half of your bet is lost.

Goalscorer Coupons

 Keep an eye out for some great offers when it comes to goalscorer bets. Paddy Power for example offer first goalscorer accumulator coupons. Get five right and the odds are over 1000/1.

Paddy Power also have their Hotshots coupon. With this you have to correctly predict eight anytime goalscorers and you cold win over £250,000. Nothing to lose either as it’s free to enter.

There are also bets available where if your selection does score the first goal, the odds you are given are increased if they go on to score more goals in the game. Betfred have done this with their ‘Double Delight, Hat-Trick Hero’ offer on selected matches. A 5/1 win could  become 15/1 if your selection gets those three goals in a game.

Money back as a free bet is an increasingly popular offer. William Hill have done this if your selected first goalscorer bet goes down but they then manage to score the second goal in the game.

How Often Does the Bet Come Up?

 First goalscorer bets aren’t as successful as the anytime goalscorer bets. Goalscorers can be prolific and an anytime bet can often come up but the odds won’t be so generous. Bookies aren’t going to be too generous when it comes to players like Ronaldo or Messi scoring anytime in a game. The first goalscorer bet is more difficult, you don’t just have to get the right player but the right team too.

Other goalscorer bets

 You can also place bets on a player scoring two goals in a game or even a hat-trick. There can be some really attractive odds on offer here, even for prolific goalscorer. Other bets include two specific players to score in a game, the time a player scores and if they can score in both halves.

In-Play Betting

It’s possible now of course to bet on games as they are being played. That means the odds will be fluctuating throughout the game and new markets being formed. This will be the case with the goalscorer bets with odds forever changing and new markets being created for the next goalscorer once a goal goes in. Odds on other markets we’ve discussed in this article. Perhaps if that bet of yours went down there’s still chance to redeem yourself with a correct goalscorer bet and make a profit.


Betting on goalscorers really is an exciting bet. There are some good odds available and with most of the bets, your bet remains alive throughout the game. Make sure you do some research before the game, work out who’s in goalscoring form and who isn’t. Also look for penalty takers (especially if a dirty game is likely) and defenders who can occasionally get on the scoresheet.