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Sports Articles

sportsWe’ve broken down our sports articles into three categories to help you find the information you need.  In betting guides you will find everything you need to know about betting in general, including how various bet types work, how to use live betting, cash out, how odds are calculated, etc.  The football and horse racing sections are fairly self-explanatory, here you will find articles on specific bet types and offers, as well as how to bet on the various markets available in each.


footballA typical top level football match now comes with literally hundreds of pre-match and in play markets.  No matter how much experience you have betting on the footy there are always new bet types, strategies and features to be aware of that could add value to your wagers.

Our football articles will help you get the best out of your betting, whether that’s both teams to score strategies or how to effectively bet on goalscorer markets, etc.

Horse Racing

horse-racingHorse racing is the oldest sport for betting on and was originality known as the sport of kings for its popularity among the elite.  In the modern day, however, racing is enjoyed year round by people from all walks of life, with many prestigious races, great offers, and top markets from bookmakers.

For the uninitiated, however, betting on racing can seem a little daunting; history is a great thing but it means the sport has maintained some rather antiquated terminologies and features. In our horse racing articles, you will find information on the basics such as racing grades, what is rule 4, how to bet on horse racing and much more.

Betting Guides

guideIf you want to know what cash out is or how to use it, or you don’t know what a handicap or full cover bet is then you’ve come to the right place.  Our betting guides contain all the need to know information that will not only help you get the most out of your betting but will also help you to expand your repertoire.

This section also contains details of common rules and features that are essential in making sure you place the right bets, whether that be how to use betting tools or when to best place your bets. Being in the know and getting the right information is often the best way to win.

Casino Articles

casinoOnline casinos are not very different from their land based cousins, the games, odds and requirements are ultimately the same but there are many differences in how you play and particularly in how to get the best out of playing casino online.  We’ve split our casino guide section into two major areas, a general guide to how to play casino and a separate guide to casino software.

Casino Guides

casino-guideOur casino guide page covers everything from the very basics of how to play classic games right up to detailed guides on how number generators work, what a progressive jackpot is,  how to deal with game errors, casino bonuses explained, and everything in between.

These articles apply to both land based and online casinos and discuss features relevant to both.  Understanding how casinos work will help you to hopefully win more often, and have fun in the process, of course.

Casino Software

software-imgMost casino games are not run by the casinos themselves, rather it is the software provider that develops and delivers the game; the casino is largely acting as a host.  Therefore, if you want to play specific games you need to do so with a casino site that hosts the right software.

Some casinos have games from just a single software provider whereas others can host twenty or more.  Some even develop their own exclusive titles. See our software page for guides on the various providers and what to expect from them.

General Betting Articles

Biggest Betting Companies In The UK

StatisticsBefore online betting came to dominate gambling it was easy to tell who the biggest betting companies were, you just had to look down any high street where you would see names like William Hill and Coral.  Things have now changed and these days most of the biggest betting companies are mega-gambling groups where brands have merged to create multi-billion global powerhouses.  We look at the biggest gambling companies in the UK and the world and how they got to be where they are.

Betting Psychology

betting psychologyEven the most intelligent and rational people are prone to inherent bias or human tenancies that can cloud their objective judgement.  This is very important when gambling as misunderstanding probabilities or assigning patterns where none exist can lead to people losing more. In this section we look at various psychological factors that can influence people when they place sports bets or play games, we look at how operators exploit these and how you can spot these biases to make more rational decisions around betting.

Contribution of Gambling to the UK Economy

Saving Your MoneyGambling has an uneasy relationship with the UK, on one hand Britain is a nation of gamblers and we have huge freedoms to bet as we wish but at the same time gambling can be addictive and cause harm.  The fact is some of the biggest betting companies in the world come from the UK and this means it contributes a lot to the economy, both directly in tax and jobs and indirectly through sponsorship and donations.

Do Bookmakers Bet Against Each Other?

wholesaleFrom a punters point of view you take a position against a bookie and either you win or they do.  In reality the bookie always wins because their aim is to balance their books to ensure they always earn profit no matter what the result of a market is.  Still, it is common for individual brands to be overexposed sometimes and in order to ensure they balance their books they will often sell their liabilities using wholesale bookmakers, similar to clearing houses in finance.

Betting Systems

betting-systems-imgThere are no foolproof ways to earn money whether betting in casino or on sports.  Over the centuries many ‘systems’ have been invented (and reinvented) from the famous Martingale double up system to more intricate sequence bases systems.

Ultimately though, there is no way to use these and win with certainty – if there were the bookies would go bust!

Longest Running Bets

climate change protestorsA lot of people will bet on things that may happen in the next year or so, such as a horse to win the Grand National or a team to win the league.  Here we are talking about bets placed long into the future.

We look at bets people placed in the past that took a long time to settle, in some instances after the bettor had dies, and bets placed now that will not settle for a long time.

Luckiest People

jackpot winnersThere are lucky people and then there are super lucky people, such as those that have won the lottery jackpot more than once or who have had an unbelievable streak of consecutive wins.

The question is are these people just the outliers on the graph or is there something to being very lucky?

Best and Most Famous All-Time Poker Players

Poker AcesThere are many people who have made a lot of money from gambling but many of those do so based on luck. When it comes to Poker luck is a secondary factor, to be good at the game you need to have a huge amount of skill.

We think these people should be given special mention so we have looked at the best all-time players in terms of total earnings, best female players and biggest celebrity players.

Is Online Poker Dead?

Boylesports PokerWhen the internet became a thing it was online poker that lead the way initially.  By the early 2000’s it was the most popular online gambling vertical. Online gambling has only grown since but playing poker online has been dwindling in popularity ever since.

The increase in sharks and artificial intelligence is partly to blame. The loss of the US market in 2006 caused a big blow too but now it is coming back will this reverse the fortunes for the future?

Responsible Gambling and Self Exclusion

betting Gambling is fun but it is also addictive and it can often be hard to know when, or how to stop.  We only cover UK licensed bookmakers and casinos, and by law they must promote responsible gambling and self-exclusion.

Find out more about these tools here.

The Effects Of Gambling Addiction On Poorer Communities

homeless man sits outside casinoIt doesn’t take a genius to work out that people will less to lose are liable to suffer more from gambling addiction.  This, however, oversimplifies the debate and the stark reality is many studies have shown that more disadvantaged communities and people suffer from gambling problems in a disproportionate way for many reason.

Here we explore why addiction is more prevalent in deprived locations and whether there is a solution to the problem.

Taking Betting Companies To Court

can i sueGambling is a leisure activity for most, a space to enjoy yourself and possibly realise a dream if you are lucky enough to win big.  Inevitably though things can go wrong and this can lead to disagreements between betting companies and customers, which if serious enough can lead to court action.

Here we look at what leads to someone taking a gambling company to court with examples of cases that have gone for and against players.

The Decline Of Greyhound Racing

greyhound track closed and overgrownGreyhound racing was once one of the favoured pass times for people, it peaked in popularity after the second world war in a time when there were no betting shops and betting at a track was one of the only options.  Unlike horse racing, dog tracks were generally in cities and appealed most to the working classes, with meetings held in the evenings to allow people to attend.

Legalising betting shops was responsible for the initial decline as people could now bet on other things, there was recovery in the 1970’s and 1980’s but this was short lived due to the invention of the internet and online betting.

What Was The First Betting Shop?

old style betting shop
Ardfern / CC BY-SA

While gambling has been going on in the UK for centuries the 1845 Gaming Act and subsequent legislation made bookmaking largely illegal.  This created a massive underground black market in the UK that couldn’t be ignored.

Changes were planned by WWII got in the way.  It then took until 1960 for new legislation to be passed that legalised off-course gambling.  This came into effect in 1961 and literally thousands of betting shops opened in the course of one year.  We look at who were the first and why.

What Times Do People Bet and Play Games the Most?

game timeThere is a natural tendency for people to place sports bets at different times depending on when events are on but by and large most gaming sessions are conducted in the evenings.  This is mainly because gaming takes more time than betting and therefore people have to wait until they have time and space to play.

Still, it is interesting how those who bet more at unsavory times are also the ones that have more potential to be addicted.

Sports With The Most Match Fixing

match fixingWe all know that match fixing still goes on at some level, it is estimated that up to 1 in every 100 bets can be linked to some form of suspicious activity.  It is certainly harder these days to get away with it, especially online where every account and wager can be tracked by people and software.

We look at the sports where match fixing is more common than others.  Predominantly these are sports contested by individuals rather than teams for obvious reasons.

Why Is Trading Not Classed as Gambling?

buy sell diceIt is quite puzzling as to why trading in stocks, shares, currency markets, etc., is classed differently to gambling.  After-all both involve speculating and taking risks on a result, in gambling that might be the score of a game and in trading that might be whether stocks go up or down.

We look at why trading is classed differently to gambling and ask why some countries that have banned gambling are happy to allow people to trade.

Is Gambling Part Of Human Nature?

rock paper scissors hand silhouettesThe act of gambling is specific to risking money on an outcome but in reality everyone takes risks every day of their lives, whether that may be driving 40mph in a 30mph zone or choosing to drink or smoke.

Taking risks is therefore very much part of animal and therefore human nature. The question is, is gambling for money something that is innate to people or is it something that has been imposed on us?  We look at the question from both stand points.