Poker Guides

cartoon animals playing pokerOf all the popular gambling games poker is the only one where you can genuinely use your own skill and knowledge to win in the long run.  Assuming you are playing against other players the edge you have is defined by how good you are at knowing the value of your own hand in relation to others and how good you are at exploiting other players inherent biases, tells and vulnerabilities.

Of course, everyone who plays poker thinks they can win and therefore the players that do win, regularly, are the ones that think more deeply about the game and keep their cognitive biases in check.  On this page we don’t cover the typical ‘how to play poker’ or ‘best poker sites’ articles, instead we are look at why people play poker the way they do and areas within that where players can find their own edge. Enjoy.

Best and Most Famous All-Time Poker Players

Poker AcesThere are many people who have made a lot of money from gambling but many of those do so based on luck. When it comes to Poker luck is a secondary factor, to be good at the game you need to have a huge amount of skill.

We think these people should be given special mention so we have looked at the best all-time players in terms of total earnings, best female players and biggest celebrity players.

Is Online Poker Dead?

Boylesports PokerWhen the internet became a thing it was online poker that lead the way initially.  By the early 2000’s it was the most popular online gambling vertical. Online gambling has only grown since but playing poker online has been dwindling in popularity ever since.

The increase in sharks and artificial intelligence is partly to blame. The loss of the US market in 2006 caused a big blow too but now it is coming back will this reverse the fortunes for the future?