Casino Guides

casino-guideThere is a tendency to think that casino games are very complex in how they are designed and how they pay out.  This is simply not the case.  All casinos, whether online or land based in the UK and Europe, must adhere to very stringent rules that govern how games work.  In fact, casino games have some of the highest returns compared to all types of online gambling.

In this section you will find everything you need to understand how to play casino and how casinos themselves work.  Knowing how to play and how the systems run doesn’t just increase your chances of winning it will also mean you will enjoy yourself more in the process.

Casino Bonuses Explained

bonusThere are lots of different casino offers packaged under the name ‘casino bonus’ but not all are the same and certainly they are not all the same value.  In our casino bonuses explained section we looks at the different types of bonus available for both new and existing customers and their relative value.  Follow the link and click the casino tab for more.

Progressive Jackpots

jackpotWe all love to look at the big jackpots available from some of the big software providers.  These can run into the millions of pounds and for anyone lucky enough to win it is truly life changing amount.  There are some key terms to be aware of before you start playing, such as the need to place maximum bets to qualify for the big jackpot bonus.  For this and more see our article.

Casino Game Errors

rulesIt can be so frustrating when you are playing a game and it suddenly crashes or you get a game error message.  The general protocol at this point is to refund your game stake, this can be good if you just lost the bet but terrible if you were on to a winner.  Find out what the main errors are and what you can do if you get an error in a casino game, instant play and download.

What is House Edge?

house-edgeThe house edge is effectively the commission taken by the casino. It is the average percentage profit the casino will make over time from the bets that are place. Knowing how house edge works, and what it is for the different casino games you want to play, is crucial in the formation of your playing strategy. This varies based on the type of game and even within games when using certain side bets and features.

What Is Slot Volatility?

volatilityYou will often see the return to player (RTP) percentage listed for casino games, this tells you on average how much these games pay out.  What that doesn’t tell you is how often games payout, that is known as volatility.  High volatility games pay out less frequently but the prizes are generally higher whereas low volatility games pay out more often but with lower prizes.  Medium volatility is obviously in the middle.

We look at the difference between these levels, what popular games fall within these levels and what volatility is best for you.

Compensated vs Random Slots – What Is The Difference?

fruit machineRandom slots do what you would expect, each spin is randomised so that the chances of winning are always equal now matter if it your first spin or your 100th.  This makes up pretty much all online slots.

In the real world though, especially in the past, gaming machines can only hold so much money and so they were ‘compensated’, this means the chances of paying out change based on how much it has paid out previously.  Here we explain the differences and look at what is better.

Gambler’s Fallacy Explained

hot streakWe’ve all heard of Gambler’s Fallacy and we all think it won’t happen to us.  The problem is that cognitive bias, which all Gambler’s Fallacy really is, can effect us all in different ways.  This can lead to even the most mentally disciplined among us being convinced we can see patterns in data when there are none.  If you are interested to learn about GF in its many names and guises and to teach yourself to control it read our ultimate guide.

Random Number Generators Explained

randomThere is nothing magical or mystical about how online slots and games generate random symbols and numbers. Every licensed casino – both on and offline – use random number generators to create results that are arbitrary and fair. These impressive pieces of computer software are designed to produce number patterns that are almost impossible to predict. To find out how they work and why you need to know about them before you place your bets, read on…

Withdrawal Limits, Pending Periods & Flushing

limitsThere really is nothing worse than having a big win only to find out there are limits on withdrawals.  Some casinos also place all withdrawals in a pending period in the hope you will reverse the transaction and continue playing, you can get around this with some by manual flushing.

Are Side Bets Worth It?

sidebetsSide bets can be a great way means to add to your game play, but are they actually worth it?  While many are very fun to play often the house edge for these games is much greater than the margin for the main game so you need to be careful when you place them.

In our article we have focused on Blackjack side bets as an example of this type of betting.

What Affects the House Edge in Blackjack?

BlackjackBlackjack is renowned as being a casino game with low house edge, it is often why the games do not qualify for welcome bonuses online, for example.  Still, the house edge isn’t a fixed entity in this game as it depends on how you play and the variant of the game you play.

Using some blackjack strategies you can get your house edge down to around or below 0.5%.  Read this guide to find out more.

Games Of Skill vs Games Of Chance

luck vs skillThere are few games in casinos that fit either completely into games of skill or games of chance, even games like poker rely a lot of luck even if you can bluff your way through most of it.

Here we look at the difference between games of skill and games of chance and evaluate the best ways people can use skill to enhance their chances when playing.

Best Low Stakes Casino Slot Games

one pennyNot everyone can afford to spend tens or hundreds of pounds playing slot games and with the ability to spin every 20 seconds or so it means if you are playing higher stakes lossed can rack up quickly.

We’ve therefore complied a list of some of the best low stakes games that can be played for as little as 1p per spin so you can have the same fun with lower risk.

Are Roulette Wheels Biased?

routlette wheel with the ball in zeroRoulette wheels are made with extreme precision and cost thousands of pounds.  It is unlikely that manufacturing defects cause much bias these days (unless deliberate) but no machine built by humans is perfect and this means over time the wheel undergoes wear and tear that can lead to bias.  If you can spot this bias then you can in theory turn the odds in your favour, but is by no means a simple process.

HTML5 vs Flash Casino Games

HTML5 has now becoming the main platform for new casino games.  Flash isn’t yet gone but it is on its final incarnation, due to be phased out in 2020.  What are the pros and cons between HTLM5 and flash casino games, and will you even know the difference?

Download vs Instant Play Casino Games

You may think that the days of the download casino are gone but you would be wrong.  Instant play casino is now the most popular and flexible method to play casino games online, yes, but downloads still have many advantages.

Whether you want a bigger games catalogue from your favourite provider, less distraction when playing, or want to use less internet resources, the download is still a good option.

Online Bingo Sites vs Online Casino Sites

Online bingo and online casino are very similar in terms of how they are made and run, in fact many of the games are developed by the same providers for both products.

Bingo is still however a very different animal, it is still gambling but tends to be lower stakes and far more social than casinos.  Many casinos offer bingo games but you can also choose to play with dedicated bingo sites.

What Is The Difference Between Various Casino Sections?

It is not necessarily easy to work out where stuff is in an online casino.  These days sites can have numerous sections in which they package their casino games and the naming of them doesn’t necessarily make it straight forward to work out what’s in them. Sites that just provide a casino section will chuck everything in one place, others divide into sections such as Vegas, Macau, Games, Slots, Live Casino, Poker, Lotto, etc.  In most cases you find very similar games in each just provided by a different software company.

Effects Of Music In Slot Games

slots game with music symbolsThere are many people who play games with the sounds muted but for many others the music in slot and casino games is integral to the playing experience.  There is also a darker side to the music and sounds used in games whereby developers will deliberately use certain tunes and chimes with varying volume and tempo in order to encourage people to play more or for longer.  We look at the impact of music and sounds in casino games.

Online vs Land-Based Casinos – Pros and Cons

The convenience and anonymity of playing casino online means it has become the dominant form, there are however many things we love about playing games that we can only get in the real world.  In this article we discuss the relative merits of playing casino online and offline and which form may be for you and when.

What Is Edge Sorting?

playing card patternsEdge sorting is a technique used in real-world casino card games whereby a player spots small imperfections in the patterns on the back of playing cards to identify the value of that card, which them allows them to scale bets accordingly enhancing chances of winning.  There is nothing illegal about the practice but of course casinos don’t like you using it and if caught you will likely be kicked out.

Does Pattern Recognition Work in Baccarat?

jumbled up random numbersThere have been many people who have claimed to have systems to beat the house over the years and one that crops up over and over again is pattern recognition in baccarat.

Here we look at what pattern recognition is and how it can be used in a table game like baccarat.  To put it simply there is basically no advantage to using it at all but that hasn’t stopped people trying.

Which Day is Best to Play Online Casino Games?

CalendarThere are many theories surrounding this topic, but do any of them hold water? If they do, what are the best times of the day, week, or month to try and win some money at the casino? The basic answer may disappoint you, but there are a few nuggets of gold in here than can make a big difference to how much you take home from your session.

What is Card Counting & How Does It Work?

Card CountingYou may have heard about it in the movies and be wondering if you have the gift. You may have been playing casino games for a while now and just be looking to get an advantage.

Card counting is a much misunderstood strategy that is explained simply within. Enter.

Difference Between High Rollers And Low Rollers

high and low stakes at roulette tableThere are obvious differences between high stakes and low stakes players but how is this reflected in how they bet?

On this page we look at the difference between high rollers and low rollers in they types of games they play, how they play them and how demographic effects how and why people bet.

How Do Coins & Coin Value Work With Online Slots?

Big Win CoinsOnline slotting is one of the simplest forms of online gaming there is – anybody can get involved and give it a try. However, when coins and coin values are thrown into the mix it can be a little confusing, especially if you are new to online slots.

So what are they? How are they used? And do they affect your chances of winning? All these questions answered and more.

Unusual and Less Well Known Casino Games

unusualYou would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know what roulette or texas hold’em poker is but there are plenty of games out there that are popular in some parts of the world that are almost unknown over here.  We look at some of the more unusual games (for us at least), including; Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo, Casino War, Texas Shootout and Money Wheels.