Football Betting Guide and Articles

footballIn days gone by punters would just rock up to a bookmaker shop, place a match bet or an accumulator and sit back and wait for the results to come in.  Times have changed a hell of a lot and now you can bet on hundreds of football markets 24 hours a day and even live during games.

Rather than trying to find your way as you go try reading some of our helpful articles designed to not only explain how football bets work but also what strategies to use to get the best from your wagers.

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Both Teams to Score Betting

3:1 Odds

The both teams to score bet has been around for a long time but has reached new levels of in recent years in terms of the number of bets available.  BTTS doesn’t require a specific team to win, rather all that is required is that both teams hit the back of the net during the game.  There are however coupons and strategies you can use to further enhance your wagers.

Correct Score Betting Explained

correct score

We all like a correct score bet because we know our returns will be much higher compared with match betting.  These lines carry odds of 5/1 up to 100’s/1 depending on the score, if this comes in it can be really profitable but it always helps to do your research first.

First, Last and Anytime Goalscorer Markets


It’s one of the most common wagers placed on football and at the same time it’s one of the most instinctive bets we place.  We often have a feeling a player will score and simply go ahead and stake but if you take a bit of time to consider the market and offers available maybe you could win more often.

Football Accumulator Strategies


The most popular bet in the UK after the match result is the football accumulator, in fact 30 years ago you could only place multiple bets on football. The love affair goes back to the days of the football pools as we all live in hope of getting that big win. Accas may be fun but they are also hard to win, follow a couple of basic tips to increase your chances.

Match Result Betting Explained

Match Result

This article looks at the evolution of the match bet. In the old days you would back a team to win, lose or draw but with an explosion of related markets linked with the rise of online betting how do you know which wagers are good or bad?

Scorecast and Wincast Betting Explained


Another type of football bet that has seen a gigantic increase in popularity online is the scorecast and wincast bet. The scorecast lets you pick a goalscorer and a correct score, and this often comes with huge prices, a wincast lets you pick the winner and a player to score, odds not quite as high but still big.

How Common Are Own Goals

Own Goal

Own goals are a total embarrassment if it’s you or your team that scores one, for everyone else they are… well, quite amusing really. But how often do they occur? Which players score them the most? And how do they affect your bet? Read this article for answers to these questions and others, along with the odd re-telling of some of footballs funniest mishaps.

How Common Are Red Cards?

Referee Red Card

Having a player sent off can cause huge problems for a team, but does it effect things quite as much as we might think? There’s a saying you often hear managers and pundits says; “It’s harder to win against 10 men” – but is it true? Luckily, we know the answer, and we’ll tell you if you read this article.

Shortest Serving Football Managers

leroy rosenior

We all know being a top football manager is a precarious job at the best of times with many managers struggling to last beyond a year these days. Betting on managers to be sacked is therefore a big market and so we’ve looked at football managers in English football that have served the shortest, there are 13 on the list, all lasting less than 67 days. The shortest lasted just 10 minutes.

How Often Do Teams Score From Free Kicks?

free kick

When you watch a game and a free kick is given in a dangerous position most fans assume this is one of the best opportunities to score, however, the conversion rate from direct free kicks is in reality very low. Of course, this depends on the team in question and some teams with specialist free kick takers perform far better than others. Lots of info worth knowing if you bet on free kicks.

How Often Are Hat-Tricks Scored?

football and hat

The chances of a hat-trick being scored are quite low, around 3-4% for any given Premier League game. Still, lots of people bet on hat-tricks, partly because the odds tend to be high offering good returns. Are the odds good value though and is it a market worth backing? We look at how common hat-tricks are in the Premier League and La Liga and look at the best hat-trick players.

How Common Are Corners And Goals From Them?

corner and flag

If your team gets a corner the crowd get up on their feet in the anticipation of at least a shot on goal. The reality is corners are rarely converted into goals but that doesn’t stop people from betting on them, especially the number of corners in a game. We look at the stats behind corners, how many there are in a match on average and how often they result in goals.

What Are The Chances Of Losing A Two Goal Lead?

correct score

If your team is 2-0 down there is often an attraction in betting on them to come back and draw or win but how often exactly does this happen? There are lots of offers now too that give payouts when teams go 2 up but are these worth it? We look at how often teams lose a two goal lead and the common factors that influence this.

How Does Distance Travelled Affect Performance

toy plane and football

There are a lot of factors that can affect a teams away performance but one that people often point to is the distance a team has to travel for a game. How much difference does this actually make though? Do teams that have to travel further to play perform worse? Are there teams that prefer shorter or longer trips? Find out all on this page.