Online vs Land Based Casinos

In Las Vegas there’s a casino with a miniaturised Eiffel Tower and another one with fountains that dance to music. There’s a castle complete with turrets and a hotel that looks like New York, with a roller coaster wrapped around the outside of it. In Macau, Asia there are casinos that look like they belong in a Bond film, such is the opulent nature of their designs. The point behind this, people love to travel to physical casinos in order to have a flutter.

Part of this site, of course, is all about the world of online casinos, which offers a whole different way of placing bets and having fun. There are no physical things that you can admire or enjoy as there is in Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau, but that’s not to say that there isn’t also plenty of fun to be had. Still, an obvious question might be why you would want to go online to bet instead of putting on your glad rags and heading out into the real world. This page is an attempt to weigh up the pros and cons of each, hopefully helping you to understand why one might be more your style than the other.

Online Casinos – The Pros


The most obvious pro when it comes to discussing online casinos is the convenience of the whole thing. You can be lying in bed with nothing on but a pair of socks but be playing a game of poker against opponents from Italy, Spain and South Africa.

You could be on the bus on the way home from work and happily play some thrilling and exciting slots. The ability to have a flutter wherever and whenever you want is something you simply can’t beat.

You Don’t Have To Speak To People

Let’s be honest, not everyone likes being social. It’s not like you’re forced to talk to people when you’re in a real life casino, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to try to talk to you.

The online world limits the amount of interaction you have to have with other human beings and for some that’s a genuine delight.

You Can Play Whatever You Want

There’s an extent to which the world of online casinos has no limits. You can be a member of as many casinos as you’d like and you can flit between them to find the table games or slots that you want to play. The excitement can never stop if you don’t want it to.

In a physical casino you’re limited to the games they have, but that’s simply not the case online.

You Can Play The Games You When You Want

Yes it is true that most land based casinos are open 24 hours a day but then you may not feel like going to a casino if you fancied a quick game of roulette on a Saturday morning.  Online casinos are there to suit you and they will always have the game you want, at the stakes you want, at a time to suit you, not them.

Offers and Loyalty Promotions for Existing Customers

All casinos have offers and incentives to use them, especially for regualr players, but within that the offers provided online are far superior.  This isn’t because land-based casinos are tight it is because they have high overheads.  Things like lots of staff to pay, lights to keep on, facilities, etc., cost money and although real casinos have other sources of revenue, such as food and drink sales or accommodation, an online casino is still more cost effective.

Online casinos also don’t have a size limit, you can’t squeeze as many people as you want into a land casino.  Casino sites therefore give a lot of this back to players in the form of massive welcome bonuses for new customers and big loyalty points schemes for existing players.  There is also every other promotion imaginable online from cash back to free spins and

Online Casinos – The Cons

It Can Be Easy To Lose Money

Any reputable casino will allow you to set limits on your account so that you can only deposit a certain amount of money within a given period of time. You have to actively choose to do that, though, and if you don’t apply your own limits then you can keep moving money from your bank account and then spend it before you’ve had time to think.

The same risk exists in a land-based casino of course, it’s just easier to do it online.

You Can’t Socialise

This might well have been in the ‘pros’ column a moment ago, but the truth is it’s both a blessing and a curse. Going to the casino and chatting to interesting people is a great experience, yet it’s something you can’t properly do online.

Yes you can use the chat function, but it’s not the same. Even if companies introduce the ability to use video during play it won’t quite be the same (this already exists in online bingo). For some it’s a good thing, but for plenty it’s a definite negative.

Land-Based Casinos – The Pros

You Think About Your Money More

You can sometimes spend money without really thinking about it in an online casino, the reverse is true in a physical one. You need to actually walk up to a cash machine or to the cashier in order to change money, meaning that the likelihood is that you’ll think about what you’re doing that little bit more – handy if you’re on the fence about whether or not to place the bet you’ve been considering.

You Meet People

Perhaps it’s a slight cheat to have this on the list three times, but it’s definitely true that meeting and chatting with interesting people is one of the real benefits of going to a land-based casino.

Casinos are also becoming entertainment centres, many people go with friends to watch the footy or have dinner in between spins of the roulette wheel.  Many casinos even have night clubs.  It is worth thinking about how much you drink before you play mind, there is a tenancy for these added casino extras to be very good for alcohol consumption, this is not necessarily to the advantage of the player.

It Helps The Local Economy

From jobs for the dealers and croupiers through to bar staff and cleaners, there’s one thing a physical casino can offer that online ones simply can’t – help for the local economy.

Obviously online casinos still employ people, especially the ones that have live games on offer, but it’s not to the same scale that land-based casinos can do it.

Games Are More Real

Online game developers can claim their titles are as good as the real thing but at the end of the day nothing beats the reality of a land-based casino.  The simple fact is you can never get the kind of stimulation you get in the real world when playing online, the sights, sounds and smells of a casino are not replicable.

It is arguable that winning in a land casino is more fun, after all experiences tend to be better when shared.  Beware however the only thing bigger than personal greed is collective greed and this is something that can very much happen on casino tables.

Land-Based Casinos – The Cons

There’s Less Variety Of Games

For better or worse, land-based casinos will always be limited in terms of what games they can offer. You could go to the largest casino in the world with thousands of slot machines and you still wouldn’t get the same degree of variety that you’ll find online.

If you’re someone that is easily bored by the games that you’re playing then you’ll never be truly satisfied by the games you’ll see in a real-life casino.

Time Can Be Wasted

If you main objective of going to a casino is to gamble then unless you happen to live inside a one the likelihood is that you’ll have to travel in order to get to a land-based one. That is time that you could be spending having a flutter if you’d opted to stay at home and have a flutter.

Even a trip to the bar to get a drink could be wasting precious time if you’re limited on how long you can spend in a casino.  There is also the possibility the table you want to play on, or the stakes you want to play at, will not be available when you want.

You Can Give Away Your Tells

This is especially relevant to any poker players out there, but playing a tournament in real-life means that opposition players might be able to pick up on your tells and weaknesses. That’s not a problem that you’ll encounter playing poker online, though of course, if you’re on a computer, you won’t be able to note your opponent’s weaknesses or tells either. It makes it much more of a level playing field and favours those of you that play a statistical game of poker rather than an emotional one.


The reality is that whether you prefer playing online or playing in a land-based casino will mostly come down to personal preference. If you’re a social person who enjoys mixing with other people and soaking up and atmosphere then you’re always more likely to favour playing casino games in real-life.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy your own company and love a real variety of gaming then an online casino will be your Mecca. One thing worth remembering is that you can always mix and match between the two…