Withdrawal Limits, Pending Periods and Manual Flushing

limitsOnline casino sites have various terms and conditions that stipulate when you can withdraw, how you can withdrawal, the time scales of withdrawals and pending periods. There are no rules set in stone that online casino’s follow, each site is different and they have their own rules.

All casino sites are different and have different processing times when it comes to withdrawals. Some will charge fees, others won’t. Before you even start playing it is important you read all the terms and conditions.

What is a Pending Period?

When you request a withdrawal, your funds may be put into a pending period, this is the stage before the processing. In the pending period, you can sometimes reverse your funds and have them put back into your casino account.

An example of this is you request a withdrawal on a Monday evening, the funds may remain sat in your account showing as pending for 24 hours. Wednesday morning, they start to process your withdrawal which could take anything from 24 hours to 5 working days.

Pending periods vary and can be anywhere from a few hours to a week.

What is a Withdrawal Reversal?

This is the ability to reverse your withdrawal. Once you’ve requested a withdrawal, it remains pending – but some casinos allow you to reverse the withdrawal and play with your funds instantly. There may be a button that allows you to request a reversal or you may need to contact customer support to do so.

What is Manual Flushing?

Some online casino sites offer what’s known as ‘flushing’, this means that you can flush your withdrawal so it skips the pending period and goes straight onto the processing stage.

Some people are tempted to reverse their withdrawals and play with the money, so flushing is a great way of not being able to do that.  Once you’ve flushed you cannot reverse and you will only be able to add funds by depositing again.

Withdrawal Limits

A withdrawal limit is the maximum amount you can withdraw at any one time. The majority of online casinos will give you a maximum daily, weekly and monthly amounts, such as;

  • £10,000 a day
  • £20,000 a week
  • £30,000 a month

So, if you manage to win more than the maximum withdrawal limit, you won’t be able to withdraw it all in one go and must receive your winnings in ‘batches’.

This is annoying as when you win, the money is yours and you should be allowed to withdraw it all and spend it how you wish, not wait months to get your full amount of cash (if it’s a big win).

How Do Withdrawal Limits Work With Jackpots?

When it comes to jackpots, many casinos tend to let you withdraw the total amount you won in one go – but some don’t.  I’ve been on some sites that state if I were to win a jackpot, I would have to withdraw it a bit at a time over a long period.

There’s a difference between a jackpot and a progressive jackpot though, progressive jackpots tend to be paid out in full whilst jackpots could be paid out in installments.

Why Do I Need ID Before I Get My Withdrawal?

You may need to provide ID when you make a withdrawal for the first time, reach a certain amount of withdrawals or a threshold amount, this process is carried out throughout he online gambling world and is ultimately dictated by the law.

The process requires you to submit documentation to prove your identity, age and combat online fraud.

To get your hands on the money you may have to send in the following information:

  • A photographic ID which could be a driver’s licence with all your details on it up to date.
  • Copy of the bank card(s) that you used to fund your account. You can hide the middle 8 digits on the card to stop other people knowing your card details.
  • Recent utility bill with your name and address on.

You may need to provide one or all the above, once the company are happy that you are who you say you are, they will process your funds for withdrawal.