Match Result Betting

match-resultIt’s the big question isn’t it? Just what will the result of the match be. Well at one time the number of bets available were pretty restricted but now there’s a whole range of bets linked to the full-time result and this article takes a look at them.

It all used to be so easy at one time. Placing a bet on the full-time result simply meant working out who whether it was going to be the home or away team that would get the win or whether the game might end in a draw.  Now that’s all changed and there’s a whole multitude of bets that can be placed based around the full-time result.

Match Result Odds

When it comes to betting on the match result there are a wide variety of odds available. It all depends of course on the level of the two teams taking part in the game. If it’s a World Cup tie between a top nation and a minnow then the odds on the favourites won’t be good at all. It’s probably time to head down the handicap route if a team are say 1-10 to win. However, the odds on a draw or the outsiders winning will be really attractive.

As the class gap between the two sides narrow the odds for the favourite to win will improve. Odds of between 1-3 and 10/11 are gradually getting more backable and ideal to put in accumulators. The odds on a draw and the outsiders will drop but still be attractive.

If it’s a game between two closely matched sides then the odds will be a lot more attractive, perhaps all three available results will be odds against. A more difficult decision to make but well worth it if you can make the right choice.

Research is really important here. Take a good look at all the form for both sides before making your decision. That avoids just putting money on a team to win and then finding out they haven’t won at home for six games. Definitely do this for all those obscure overseas games that continually crop up on sites these days.

Match Result Betting Rules

It’s the usual rule that you have to keep an eye on with this bet. By full-time Result they mean the score after 90 mins (plus second half injury time). That means extra-time simply doesn’t count. So if you backed England to win the 1966 World Cup Final, sorry but you lost because it was 2-2 after 90 minutes. That must have given the bookies something to celebrate too.

Match Result Bet Alternatives

Full-time Result and Both Teams To Score

Now it’s starting to get a bit more difficult but the odds available will be higher. It’s two markets in one where you don’t just have to get the correct match result but also work out if both the sides involved will find the back of the net.

Better odds will be available if there’s a heavily odds on favourite because the chances on the outsiders scoring won’t be so good. If the odds for the match result are closer then the odds on the full-time result and both teams to score won’t be so high.

Say the match is between Spurs and Everton, there will be six options available to bet on. Spurs to win and Yes both teams will score, Spurs to win and no just Spurs will score,  a draw with both teams scoring, a draw without both teams scoring (the same as going for a 0-0 draw), Everton to win and both teams scoring and Everton winning and being the only team to score.

You’ll need to do a bit of research for this bet. Look to see if both teams are scoring regularly, do Spurs have a good home record and if so are they rarely winning to nil and how good are Everton on the road and do they score lots of goals?  Answer those questions and you’ll be getting closer to working out the match result and whether both teams will score or not.

Full-time Result and Both Players to Score

Another bet that is really difficult to land but well worth it when you do. You don’t just have to predict the full-time result but hope that two named players will find their way onto the scoresheet. Odds can be around 16/1 for this bet  so it’s well worth having a small bet on it. Just imagine the tension if you just need one more player to score. It’s a bet that can last right up to the end of the game which is always good to see.

Draw No Bet

The title of the bet says it all really. This is a bet based on the full-time result but without the possibility of a draw. You can either bet on the home side or the away side to win the match but at smaller odds than if the draw option was available. If the game does end in a draw then your stake is returned to you. It’s a good bet when you fancy a side to win but also have it in your mind it might be a draw. Take a chance on the team you fancy winning at lesser odds and if that draw does happen then at least you get your stake back rather than seeing your bet be lost.

Double Chance

Another bet that looks at the full-time result in a slightly different way. Rather than just betting on the home-draw-away options you can have two bets in one. For example in the Spurs v Everton game, you can go for Spurs-Draw, Everton-Draw or Spurs-Everton.

This means you’ll be paid out if Spurs win or draw the game, Everton win or draw and if the game doesn’t end in a draw. The odds are a lot less but it’s a good one to go for in really close games but it will be a case of odds on rather than odds against.

Winning Margin

Another variation where you don’t just have to get the right full-time result but the winning margin too. In our example, you could go for Spurs to win and by a margin of two goals. The odds will be much better and you’ll be on tenterhooks right up to the final whistle. If Spurs are a goal up can they find the back of the net again and win you your bet? If they are two goals up can the score please stay the same so I can win!

Win to Nil

This full-time result bet has a strong defensive side to it. You choose which team you think will win and also bet on them keeping a clean sheet. The available odds are better but your nerves will take a bit of a beating every time the other side goes on the attack. Do some research and look to see if teams are winning and keeping clean sheets. Going for the away team to win to nil in a closely fought contest can really pay decent odds. A team who are 7-5 to win  would be around 7-2 to win to nil.

Result and Number of Goals Scored

Another bet that is based on correctly selecting two events. What will the full-time result be and how many goals will there be in the match (90 mins only remember). Research helps with this bet, are the teams involved playing games with lots of goals in or should we be expecting a low-scoring match.

Odds will be available for the full-time result and whether there will be over or under a certain number of goals in the match. For example, it could be the home side to win and under 2.5 goals, so basically there has to be only one or two goals in the match for your bet to come up. Again better odds are available and youll be nervously wanting the final whistle to blow as this bet can go right down to the last kick of the ball or does it?

Cash Out

It may well be the Full Time Result you are placing bets on but you don’t have to wait to the final whistle to collect some money. The Cash Out facility is available on most sites now and means you can end your bet when you want. It won’t be for the full amount you’d receive if waiting to the end of the game though. If you’ve gone for Spurs to win and they are 1-0 up but you’re not sure they will hold onto that lead, then cash out. Imagine how you’ll feel if you do that and the game ends 1-1. Of course cashing out and seeing the result remain in your favour is frustrating as you could have collected at the higher odds but that’s the nature of this great bet.

Match Result Coupons

There’s a whole host of full-time result coupons available with bookmakers. Skybet for example have coupons with a wide range of options. You can go for a Bankers Coupon full of the teams that we all reckon can’t lose or perhaps the European Elite Coupon featuring the top games being played across Europe that weekend. Lots to go for and with accumulators you can get some good odds.


As you can see there are lots of ways you can bet on the full-time match result. It’s often a question of whether you want to be adventurous, for example going for a team to win and the winning margin or play it a bit safe with a double chance bet. All very exciting though and you can get some good wins.