Glossary Of Poker Terms And Abbreviations

Poker AcesThere are many terms that players need to learn and understand when they are playing poker. Your understanding of the game, the terms involved, and everything else associated with playing, is going to help you become a better and more informed player.

The game of poker is home to many abbreviations, some of which will be used in the game on a regular basis, while some others will be used infrequently, but if you know them, you are likely to have more knowledge than some others on the table.

Below you will find our poker abbreviations glossary, designed to teach you the main abbreviations that you are going to come across during your time as a player.

AF – Aggression Factor – A ratio working out the playing or calling of a player

ATC – Any Two Cards – The term for a player who plays any two cards, never folding

ATS – Attempt to steal – how often a player attacks the blinds from a late position

B/C – Bet / Call – a player bets and then calls a raise

B/F – Bet / Fold – a player bets and then folds to a raise

BB – Big Blind

BR – Bankroll

BRB – Bankroll Building

BRM – Bankroll Management

BSS – Big Stack Strategy – strategy for players with a full stack of chips to use in the game

BU – Button – position of the dealer on the table

C/B – Check behind – checking after an opponent has checked

C/C – Check / Call – a player checks, then calls

C/F – Check / Fold – a player checks, then folds

C/R – Check / Raise – a player checks, then raises

CO – Cutoff – position before the dealer on the table

EP – Early Position – the early positions on the table

EV – Expected Value

FL – Fixed Limit

FR – Full Ring – a game that has seven players or more

HU – Heads-up – a game involving just two players

ICM – Independent Chip Model – the mathematical model for a tournament at high blind levels

IP – In Position – a player is in position if he acts after his opponent

ITM – In the money – a player is ITM in a tournament if he is guaranteed a place that will win money

LAG – Loose-Aggressive – a LAG plays many hands with a very aggressive attitude on the table

LH – Longhand – a game with seven or more players

LP – Late Position – the late positions on the table

MP – Middle Position – the middle positions on the table

MTT – Multi Table Tournament – a tournament involving many players so it must be played on multiple tables, which lower in number until the final players all play together on one table

NL – No-Limit

OOP – Out of Position – A player is OOP if he must act before his opponent

PFR – Preflop Raise – a raise before the flop

ROI – Return on Investment – the ratio between investment and return, between tournament buy-in and winnings

SB – Small Blind

SH – Shorthanded – a game that involves between three and six players

SHC – Starting Hands Chart – tabular overview of the actions to take for a particular starting hand, given conditions at the table like position and opposing action

SNG – Sit and Go – A tournament that begins when enough players register to take part

SSS – Shortstack Strategy – Strategy for play with a small stack in no-limit games

STT – Single Table Tournament – A small tournament where all players will play on one table against each other

TAG – Tight-Aggressive – a player is a TAG if he only plays a small number of hands, but when he does play them, he is very aggressive in the game

TPMK – Top Pair / Medium Kicker – when one starting card matches the highest board card to make a pair, and the player’s second card is of moderate value

TPTK – Top Pair / Top Kicker – when one starting card matches the highest board card to make a pair, and the player’s second card is as high as possible

UTG – Under the Gun – The playing position that comes directly after the blind position

VPIP / VP$IP – Voluntary put $ in the pot – the percentage of hands for which a player invests money in the first round of wagers

WSD – Won at Showdown – how often a player wins the showdowns he’s involved in

WSOP – World Series of Poker – The big poker tour for professional players that takes place both online and around the world

WTSD – Went to Showdown – how often a player goes to the showdown