How To Play Let It Ride Poker

let it ride pokerLet It Ride Poker is a fun game that is played at a much slower pace than some of the other video poker spin-off table games that are available. It plays quite a lot like Caribbean Stud Poker, and it is just as easy to learn, too. In some ways, the game is a hybrid of blackjack and poker The object of the game is to use the five cards – three pocket and two community – to construct a pair of 10s or better.

Let It Ride Poker uses a standard pack of 52 cards and is played between as many as up to seven players plus a dealer. The dealer faces off against the players sat opposite on a semi circular table, again, this is not unlike how a Caribbean Stud Poker table works.

Unlike Caribbean Stud Poker, however, in Let It Ride Poker it is not necessary to beat the dealer, all that is required from a player to win is to form the best combination of cards possible. Your winning combo will then payout according to the traditional poker hand strengths.

The Rules Of Let It Ride Poker

man holding casino chips ante bet poker

Ante bets are the mandatory first step in the game and players place one bet each in one of the three circles that you will see laid out on the table in front of you. These circles relate to the rounds of play and are labelled $ (ante), 1 and 2. Bets cannot be waived or be uneven, each of the three bets must be equal to the others.

Once this part has been played out, the dealer will then deal each player three cards all of them facing downwards. Then come two community cards, which the dealer will place in the centre of the table, these are also downward facing. As these are community cards, they are available to be used by all of the players that are seated at the table.

After looking at their cards, players can choose their next move. Moves are dictated, or at least they should be, when a player has deduced his or her chances of success or size of the payout. Basing their eventual decision on the traditional poker hand strengths, players can choose whether or not to pull back their bet in the 1 circle or let it ride. It should go without saying, and you could still end up losing, but if you have any kind of winning hand, especially a flush possibility, let it ride, otherwise you should consider pulling it back.

Let It Ride Or Pull It Back

let it ride poker gameIf you do choose to pull back, then this card folds and you are left with just the two cards. But, if you opt to let it ride, then the dealer exposes one of the two community cards.

The players will then face the same decisions all over again for the second of their three bets, which is the one sitting in the 2 circle. If they so wish, players can let bet number 2 ride even if they pulled back on bet 1. Likewise, you can pull back on bet number 2 while still letting 1 ride. There is no option in the game to pull back on you ante bet, however, as that bet remains fixed in its place.

When everyone has made their move, the final community card is revealed, and winners are duly paid off. Just as is the case in real poker, the royal flush is the best hand you can get. In Let It Ride Poker‘s case, this is because you have far fewer chances of constructing this hand and because this so rare it raises the odds.

Let It Ride Poker Hand Rankings and Payout Table

Royal Flush ♦(10, J, Q, K, A) 1000x
Straight Flush ♦(6, 7, 8, 9, 10) 200x
Four of a Kind 4♦ 4♣ 4♠ 4♥ 50x
Full House 10♦ 10♣ 10♠ 3♠ 3♣ 11x
Flush ♠(5, 7, 6, 10, K) 8x
Straight 5♦ 6♥ 7♣ 8♦ 9♥ 5x
Three of a Kind 3♥ 3♦ 3♣ 3x
Two Pair 2♥ 2♦ 3♣ 3♠ 2x

The payouts in Let It Ride Poker are based on the traditional poker hand strengths that many are already familiar with. These payouts are explained in the table above in order of highest to lowest.

At the end of the day, Let It Ride Poker is a fun game that’s great for younger and older players alike. True, it has a relatively high 3.51% house edge, but so long as you know your poker hands, you’ll know what to do at the tables.

Let It Ride Poker FAQs

How Do You Deal In Let It Ride Poker?

Using a standard deck of 52 cards, players are dealt three cards face down which not revealed to the other players or the dealer. The dealer then issues two cards face down that the players will then use to build the best five card hand possible using their three cards.

The ante bets that have been placed can either be withdrawn or left on the table to ride based on the dealer’s two community cards. Players can withdraw their first and second bets, which would leave the initial ante bet as the only risk factor.

Is Let It Ride Poker Worth Playing?

Let It Ride is a very easy game to learn, which makes it perfect for beginners. That being said, this game has a higher house edge than other similar table games.

This game is really comes down to the luck of the draw so it is not a game that you could really build a professional gambling career on.

Can I Play Let It Ride Poker On My Mobile Device?

Yes you can, there is a wide array of apps available at both the Google Play store or the Apple app store that can be downloaded in no time. Plus, most but not all online casinos will host this game.

What Is The House Edge For Let It Ride Poker?

Let It Ride Poker has a house edge at 3.51%. This is game that is aimed more toward leisure and fun as opposed to a game where you will rack up a huge payday which is why it is so easy to learn how to play Let It Ride Poker.

Is There A Strategy To Let It Ride Poker?

Let It Ride is a hybrid casino game that combines aspects of both poker and blackjack. It is quite fast-paced and the best Let It Ride Poker strategy is to play your cards right, keep things at a slower pace, and avoid any side bets.