What Are The Worst Hands You Can Be Dealt In Poker?

poker strategyIn a game of Texas Hold’em, there are according to poker maths, approximately 1,326 possible combinations that you can be dealt for the opening hand. If you disregard the suits with no particular value, for example, a Queen and a King of both clubs and hearts which are of the same value, it becomes 169 different hand combinations for a starting hand.

From these, it is obvious, but a pair of aces would be the best possible starting hand and one which has enough strength to take you to victory around 1/3 of the time. However, you can’t be expecting to be getting aces every time and you will get a much smellier deal on a number of occasions.

The more easily you are able to identify the weakest starting hand combinations, the quicker that you will be able to make the correct decisions at the table such as when to bet, raise, call or throw your hand away. So, what are the worst hands to be dealt in poker and which hands are the ones you will want to be folding?

The Worst Starting Hands In Poker

seven two off suit various combinations worst poker handNot everyone agrees on this, but the most popular vote for poker’s worst hand is the notorious 2 – 7 off suit. Around 71% of all hands are off suit. This means that they will contain cards that are of different suits as well as different ranks. Out of these, there is no combo that is hated more than a 2 – 7 off suited combination.

The reason for this being that you cannot put together a straight or a flush or even a high pair without having to abandon one of the cards. However, even if you do, a bigger flush or straight is likely going to come along and destroy you anyway. On top of this, any of the two pair combinations that you are able to make are also likely be beaten too.

In this case, you should dump the cards right away as it is such a terrible hand, and you must get rid of it. There is always the chance that when you start as the big blind (BB), there will be a few limpers that are ready to tag along. Two pairs or even a trips on the flop plus a strong ace on the table with those poor limpers with a weak ace will be enough to see you home even with the 2 – 7 off suit.

When you are the BB, even the infamous 2 – 7 off suit hand can give you some hope, much more so than when you are the small blind (SB) and get dealt that hand. However, this is the hand that has the lowest odds of winning and may as well be binned saving you money.

Other Weak Hands In Texas Hold’em

eight two seven three nine two all off suit bad poker starting hands

Of course, there are lots of other weak hands in Texas Hold’em that can cause you plenty of problems. These horrible hands of horror – and the reasons for the hatred – are listed below.

2 and 8 Off Suit

With 2 – 8 off suit hands, your position is only just a little bit better than it was with the 2 – 7 off suit. The only real improvement is that an 8 is obviously better than a 7 numerically. Other than that, you are really not that much better off at all. 8 is still not a particularly strong high card, and any pairs that you manage to put together are still highly likely to lose.

With this combination, you are not able to make a straight and can only put together weak pairs, so it would be better to fold this combination as fast as you can.

3 and 7, 3 and 8 Off Suit

The 8 – 3 off suit is another horror show of a hand. Starting hand combinations of 3 – 7 and 3 – 8 are, indeed, an improvement on the aforementioned couple of combinations, just about anyway.

The only slight advantage these combos have over the ones listed above is that there is an outside chance that you might possibly luck out and hit an inside straight with precisely the right flop. However, that being said, this is still unlikely and requires a nice bit of luck meaning that this is most certainly not a reason to play on with these starting hands. If you have got any interest at all in protecting your poker bankroll, toss these cards into the muck.

9 + 2, 3 or 4 Off Suit

Combining a 9 with any lower ranked cards from 2 to 4 is only okay so long as your nine can hold water. You cannot make any pairs because the gap between the two cards is too wide, and anybody holding pocket 10s or higher will get be sure to get one over on you. Although this is marginally better than 7 – 2 off suit, it still only offers the bear minimal potential for a straight or flush.

Other weak hands include 7-3 off suit and 9 – 2 off suit as these hands have very limited potential for improvement and therefore should be played cautiously. The chances of you winning with a starting hand of this nature are extremely slim and should lead you to conclude to doing the right thing which is to chuck the hand.

How You Play A Hand Matters Most

Brain MoneyWhile it is certainly true that the starting hands listed above are worth chucking straight in the bin any day of the week, one thing remains the truest and that is that the worst starting hands in Texas Hold’em poker are the ones that you play the worst.

Why is this? Because poker is a mind sport, a mental game of skill, that requires nerves and a decent slice of luck plus multiple other factors. The situations that can occur from these starting hands can hinder your play by interfering with your concentration.

Picture getting a K – Q combination. On the face of it, that looks like a great hand, but what happens when an ace comes turns up? These are the stressful situations that you need to learn to control in order to get the most out of these rotten hands.

How To Play The Worst Poker Hands And Still Win

man at poker table head in handsTexas Hold’em poker is an exciting and strategic game that is hugely popular the world over. to succeed and make money, players must use their instincts, wits, wisdom and eventually experience. Of course, luck plays an important part as well. And while a strong hand is always preferable, knowing how to play a weak hand is just as important.

Strong hands are obviously made up of high value cards that have a far more likely chance of winning the pot. This would include hands like pocket pairs, suited connectors and high cards like Ace – King or Ace – Queen. Strong hands are wanted because they offer better odds of winning the game.

Weak hands are, of course, the opposite, like the ones listed above. These consist of low value cards with a lower likelihood of winning. Because of this, these hands are harder to play and to win with meaning that they require a more strategic approach. It is important that you know and learn when to fold or bluff with weak hands as this can make a significant difference in your game.

When you are dealt a terrible hand you have a couple of options. One of these is to fold early. If you are dealt a bad hand and there is some meaningful action before you, then folding early will usually be your best course of action. This way you can minimise your losses and wait for a better hand in the next deal.

Bluffing is a vital skill in poker and is another option when dealt a poor hand. Playing a weak hand aggressively can catch your opponents out. That being said, this tactic does require that you have a deep understanding of your opponents’ playing styles and should be used cautiously.

One factor that will or should play a significant role in your decision making process, is your position at the table. When you have a weak hand, being in a late position can be advantageous because you should have acquired more information about your opponents’ actions. This information will help you to decide whether to fold or make an informed bluff.

What To Do With Bad Hands

poker chips in shape of a question markWhen you are dealt a bad hand, keep the following tips in mind. Take a quick moment to gage the situation at the table. Think about factors such as your opponents’ aggressiveness, the size of the blinds as well as the size of your stack. This knowledge will allow you to make informed decisions on how to play on with your weak hand.

Although a weak hand might not have a lot of potential, it is vital that you consider any potential improvements through the community cards. Remember that a hand that initially looks to be weak could become a winning hand with a good flop, turn and river.

It is essential that you are able to recognise when the right time to fold a weak hand is. It’s crucial to understand when you’re outmatched so that you can cut your losses and run. The key to being successful in poker is not only taking down the big pots but also minimising your loses on weaker hands.

In Texas Hold’em poker, knowing how to play the worst hands is a critical skill for every player. In understanding how and when to fold early, bluff tactically and retain positional awareness, you can turn potential losses into a chance for victory. Poker is, after all, a game of strategy and patience and often the most significant wins come from knowing when to let go.

It doesn’t take a card genius to realise that while many of the hands you will be dealt aren’t too great to begin with, some of them are just pure junk and need to be discarded straight away. Although these are bad hands, they are not as problematic a lot of the time as the simple decision is to not play them and save your money.

If you are skilled at getting away from problem situations and don’t mind mucking occasionally with what just might have been the best hand on the board and are exceedingly aware to positions, you can play any hand, as long as it is with great care. At the end of the day, the worst hand in poker is the one that you play the worst.